Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Davis Square, Flatbread Company!

Late dinner with the girls so just a short post tonight about the amazing-ness of Flatbread Co. They have several US locations, but a brand new one just opened up in Davis Square. It is, to say the least, incredible. Flatbread is a sustainable, responsible company that promotes natural, organic, and local whenever they can - everything from the ingredients for their pizzas to the beers on tap! Every night they offer different vegetarian and carne specials in addition to the fabulous creations on the menu. We were too full to indulge tonight, but when you go check it out the one thing you have to order is the brownie - and make sure get the pumpkin ice cream! The brownie is gluten-free... but you'd never know it. (Flatbread offers GF pizza, too!) And if you haven't had pumpkin ice cream yet, then ... well, it's just a must.

As if local and organic weren't enough to get you in the door, you can't beat the price. I had a small (nitrate free!) pepperoni and mushroom flatbread with a house-made lemonade, and the tab was right around $13. That's wallet-friendly enough for an a5c budget any night of the week!

I just took one pic with my enV (iphone, PLEASE get here soon!) but check out Maura's blog for some pics with her sleek new blackberry!


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