Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Night Thai

Tonight we tried something new ... thai! This pre-packaged noodle and sauce package was fantastic. Generally I'm not a big fan of pre-packaged foods - they're usually full of additives and chemicals. This one, though, was sent to us from J's Mom (among other fabulous housewarming gifts!) and boasts "all natural, no preservatives" right on the front!

The package contains the noodles and the sauce. We added chicken, snow peas, and scrambled egg (what's pad thai without scrambled egg?!) and it was absolutely fantastic! Word to the wise though, this mild was SPICY ... and we loved it!

Tasty Thai is available at grocery stores, and even on ... and did I mention, it's gluten free!




  1. That looks great! If you and J say its spicy, I'm totally game for trying this! (Big surprise lol!)

  2. it was FAB!! highly reccomend :) my picure came out a little yellowy, I'll do it more justice next time!