Friday, August 20, 2010

testing, testing 123

I tried out a new recipe tonight, and am posting with a new iPhone app!

This is an easy one: dice peppers, zucchini, onion, carrots, garlic. Put them all in a large sauce pan, and cook until softened.

Make sure you're stirring often so they don't burn. Add a 28 oz can of crushed or diced tomatoes, stir, bring to a boil, and then let the whole thing simmer for 20 mins.

Add spices: oregano, basil, salt and pepper, and continue to simmer, 15 minutes or so.

Serve over pasta:


One more quick note: J and I had a lunch date today at Sportello in Fort Point. FP is a fun area, very artsy so there are a few great galleries to check out while you're there! Sportello is one of Barbara Lynch's brilliant creations, and is a favorite spot among my co-workers. J and I opted for the lunchbox: just $10 for the sandwich of your choice, drink, housemade chips, and a cookie. Love it!

My lunchbox ( they actually pack you a lunch!)

and a peek inside:


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