Thursday, November 5, 2009

Date Night!

Good BBQ food is hard to find. Contrary to popular belief, good BBQ does not mean cooked meat with cheap sauce poured over the top. I'd been craving fried pickles lately (fried pickles on the menu is the first mark of a great BBQ place!) so we decided to check out Red Bones ( Davis Square in Somerville. Long story short, you haven't had good BBQ until you've ventured here. With 28 beers on tap, huge plates of fried pickles and the best ribs either of us have ever come across, we're already talking about when we're going back. Entrees were reasonably priced - I had a huge platter of pulled pork, cole slaw, beans, and potato salad, all for $9.99 ... that definitely fits in the after5chef budget!

And the best part? Left overs for lunch tomorrow!

...are you seeing a theme here?

all the best,



  1. Beth! I'm the first follower/commenter, what a privilege. Anyway, I am very excited about this new blog of yours and already added it to my Google Reader! Keep these lovely posts coming darling. I will see you later tonight and oh, by the way, if you need a guinea pig for these new recipes...I'm your girl :) haha see you later!

  2. Beth, this is such a fabulous idea! Your posts are fun, interesting and humorous- love them! I may have to start calling you Rachel, haha ;)